Discover your vicinity!

What is Balloon-Events?

Balloon-Events visualizes events on digital maps and with augmented Reality.

Balloon-Events is an event platform, which enables

  • people to find events in their vicinity.
  • organizers to visualize their events, no matter how small.
  • Organizations/enterprises, to show the attractiveness of their surroundings.

How does Balloon-Events work?

Balloon-Events relies on and uses the intuitiveness of maps paired with augmented reality in order to enhance the amount and quality of the information you see. We not only visualize where but also what kind of and when events take place.

How do we make money?

As a platform Balloon-Events leverages different business potentials from various actors. We employ successfully established business models and develop new ones.

Where is Balloon-Events implemented?

Currently we make concepts to implement Balloon-Events in pioneer regions and with organizations, which will use the service for themselves. Various LOIs have already been signed.

Who is Balloon-Events?

We are four founders experienced with founding, running companies, marketing sales, interaction design and development.

What do we need?

Enthusiasts who work with us

We are always keen to meet interesting people. Currently we don’t have any specific job offers. But please contact us, if you think you would be perfect for Balloon-Events.

If you are interested please contact us:


If you too see the potential of Balloon-Events, we are happy to tell you more. Please contact us:


Do you have any other questions, suggestions or feedback please let us know and contact us: